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Hocha Cool Club

Our Hocha Cool Maintenance Club is Special. No other company offers more than Hocha Cool when it comes to maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. Hocha Cool Club members never pay after hours service call fees and get hefty discounts on services they order. We only have a limited amount of space for people to join the Hocha Cool Club. Generally the savings from one service call or preventative maintenance visit covers the annual membership fee. Plus you get exclusive offers that no other customer will ever see, such as discounts on Thermostats, UV lights, Duct Cleaning and so much more!

Hochatown is Booming and Often There Is A Long Waiting List For Service But Not For Hocha Cool Club Members!

Are you a Luxury Cabin owner and want to beat out the competition! You can wait for days trying to get someone just to show up to your cabin or you can have the peace of mind knowing that Hocha Cool will be there. STOP THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! Join the Hocha Cool Club! We offer discounts if you own multiple cabins or manage multiple cabins.

Hocha Cool club members get priority service. Time and time again we have heard local people say, ” We can’t find anyone to work on air conditioning because everyone is in Hochatown working!” Now you don’t have to wait. Become a member of the Hocha Cool Club and get the same great service that the Luxury Cabin owners receive.

  • Hocha Cool Club membership generally guarantees that you will receive same day service**.
  • If you need parts we will use every avenue available to source them. We do keep parts locally and often have common parts on the truck!
  • When possible we will handle warranty claim processing. ( Some manufacturers are moving to Property Owner only warranty claims processing). Many companies do not have the vast amount of accounts and connections that we have due to our many years in the industry, and they can’t get your parts under warranty.
  • Mega Discounts on Preventative Maintenance. We know that keeping your system clean and running is top priority.
  • Mega Discounts On Service Calls. It’s Mechanical and still can break down and you don’t have to worry. Help is on the way!
  • Huge Savings On Parts. Never Pay Full Price Again!
  • AI Tech Assistant Available 24/7 To Help You Avoid A Service Call. ( It Keeps Getting Smarter Every Week!)
  • It’s like having your own private HVAC maintenance team ready when you need them!
  • (**Peak Season Exclusions or Natural Disasters Such As Covid Might Apply.)

2024 Pricing:

Coming Soon!